Frequently Asked Questions

Read the appliance instruction properly.

*Starting the bottom stove burner, make sure that the flame is stable around the whole perimeter of the burner.

*Pre-heat oven for 15-20 minutes before cooking.

*Do not use top and bottom burner at the same time

*When using the grill, use safety bar to prevent handles from melting

*It is recommended to call a certified specialist to install the reducer for up to 20-25 mbar.

Before plugging electric oven in the electric outlet, make sure that your wiring can withstand heavy electric load.

Electric oven has powerful heating elements, so the recommended load on the electric network is not less than 5 kW.

Make sure that pressure in the gas supply system is 20-25 mbar.

*It is recommended to consult with RayGas specialists at the place of residency.

Maintenance service is required. In case of mechanical damage, service charges may apply.

* Using gas oven, avoid drops of cold water on surface of the oven glass.