About us

About Us

Egas Booking is a household name that brings a new level of comfort in the area of cooking and the experience of the kitchen for its customers by offering technologically advanced products to ease the process of making food for themselves or their loved ones. Egas Booking not only provides a diverse range of kitchen wares, cookware, and much more but we also help our customers in getting a new gas connection, refilling their gas cylinders, and even purchasing the old liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) commercial gas cylinders from them.

Who We Are?

Egas Booking is a Bangalore-based company that is trying to bring innovation in the field of cooking & to everyone’s kitchen. We not only provide a plethora of products ranging from Kitchenware, Cookware, etc. but, we also provide gas refilling services. Egas Booking clearly understands the renowned concept of art called Cooking and hence, we always try to redefine the kitchen experience in an exceptional manner. Our head office is situated at Kumarswamy Layout, Bangalore–560078, India; Ph – 991-660-4821. To reach us via email, you can mail us at info@egasbooking.com



What Do We Do?

Having the expertise in this field for nearly a decade, Egas Booking can satiate your desire for cooking food, and thus, we can provide you with the best in class kitchen equipment along with cookware and gas accessories to boost. It also provides purchasing services for old liquefied petroleum gas cylinders and gas refilling services along with the provision of new gas connections for its esteemed clients. Egas Booking believes in customers’ satisfaction as its top priority and so, we always strive to achieve the best in what we do and what we provide to our clients.

Our Mission

From the foundation of our company, Egas Booking made a promise to its clients and that is to provide each and every person a hassle-free kitchen experience so as to pave the path from a budding chef to a professional one. Being a household brand, we are one of the most trusted choices in this field respectively.

Our Products & Services

Egas Booking believes in a healthy lifestyle and always tries its best to provide a complete and convenient experience in the kitchen to our Customers by providing the following products and services:–


Egas Booking knows the importance of reusing & recycling. Hence, we provide an innovative service of purchasing old Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) commercial gas cylinders from people at attractive prices. In this way, Egas Booking can help you a little in proper recycling of your old Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) commercial gas cylinders. For more information, please visit Egas Booking’s Old Gas Cylinder page under Product Category on the website, egasbooking.com .


Egas Booking also provides refilling services for gas cylinders for its esteemed Customers in order to help them in dire situations of having no gas to cook. Egas Booking knows the value of food provision and thus, provides excellent and quick gas refilling services to Egas booking’s Customers. For more information, please visit Gas Cylinder Refilling page under the Cylinder category of our website.


Egas Booking has an exclusive service of providing new gas connections to our esteemed Customers who are looking to start fresh for their cooking experience. Egas Booking has a plethora of products for provision for you to choose from. In this way, Egas Booking’s Clients will not be limited with a few options rather; they will have a good time in choosing the right products from the huge range of new gas connection products provided by Egas Booking as per their needs respectively. For more information, please visit our New Gas Connections page under Cylinder category of our website.


Egas Booking can present its esteemed customers with a humongous range of home appliances for daily use purposes. With a variety of products listed on Egas Booking’s website, people can now get exactly what they desire, without compromising the quality and variety in any aspect. Being a household brand, Egas Booking can bring forth its customers with the assurance of the best quality products that will make their kitchen and cooking experience a stress-free one along with a hint of the latest technology designed for the same. For more information, please visit Egas booking’s website, which is accessible from egasbooking.com .  


Egas Booking provides a variety of kitchen accessories including cookware and kitchenware for a complete kitchen experience for Egas Booking’s clients. In this way, people will not have to worry about getting proper equipment at the time of cooking delicious food, which in return will help them to have a hassle-free experience in cooking. Egas Booking offers a wide range of products on the Kitchen Accessories page under the Kitchen Store Category of our website. For more information, please visit the page mentioned for the same on our website, which can be accessed through, egasbooking.com .


Egas Booking offers an exotic range of products under its gas accessories category including different types of domestic gas stoves, commercial gas stoves, gas burners, gas pipes, and a truly diverse range of gas burners and so much more that, it could not be listed simply in a few words. In reality, Egas Booking is a one-stop solution for any and all kinds of LPG gas accessories that are provided to its customers at super attractive prices. With Egas Booking’s help, people can stop worrying about the minute details in the path of perfecting their exclusive cooking techniques. For more information, please visit the LPG gas accessories page under the Product category on Egas Booking’s website.

SUPPORT Services

Egas Booking presents its customers with exclusive support services in order to make their experience stress-free in using our website. We deliver a plethora of products and services that are listed on this website so that our customers can choose a product that they actually desire, without having to compromise with limited option availability. For more information about Egas Booking’s support services, please visit our Support page on our official website, which can be accessed through egasbooking.com .